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"The finest raw materials, equipment, engineering and workmanship go into every board we make."

Over the years, we have established a network of wood suppliers allowing us to procure only the most premium wood available. Each wood shipment received is inspected for quality and proper moisture content, then machined to precise dimensions. Our standard edge boards have a unique profile machined into each board, this allows for an even stronger glue joint. Our tooling grinders and molders have the reputation within the industry as being the finest in the world. This assures the precision that we demand.

Gluing is a key component to manufacturing our cutting boards. We work closely with a domestic glue manufacturer to create a unique food safe, water resistant adhesive that reflects our precise, strong and tight joints. This largely contributes to our durability.

The final steps in creating our cutting board are all done by hand. Each board is meticulously sanded to achieve an even and silky smooth surface. Upon completion, an all natural oil which is fortified with pure bees wax is applied to bring out the natural beauty and to seal the wood.

We are confident that when comparing our OWMC cutting boards to the industry standard, the difference will be obvious. The finest raw materials, equipment, engineering and workmanship go into every board we make. The pride in our product will be enjoyed each day in your kitchen.

Caring for your Cutting Board

We recommend cleaning your board with soap and water. Do not submerge, simply sponge with soap and rinse with water. Dry completely before storing. White vinegar is also a good method of sanitizing, any white vinegar from a supermarket can be misted on and then wiped dry.
Re-oiling the board will help protect it and restore its natural beauty. We recommend Mineral Oil. Old World uses a natural beeswax blend to provide a maximum natural protection coating. Although you can buy “butcher block oil”, it is mineral oil and the same oil can be purchased at your local pharmacy for a fraction of the cost. Apply and allow to soak in, wipe off excess and enjoy your board.
Never allow the board to stay wet after cleaning and please, never place in the dishwasher. See Cutting Boards

Old World workroom in Mooresville, NCQuality machinery and tools are used to achieve exact precisionFinished by hand to ensure premium surface